ℹ️ Overview

Predefining the interests for the participants to choose from, allows the organizer to make a specific list of interests to which the participant cannot add anything. This is useful if there is a desire to bring the participants together based on the interests defined by the organizer. This avoids typos and overlaps in the participants' generated interests. The selection of specific interests also make it possible to group participants according to the interests they have chosen.

⚙️ How to set up the pre-defined list of interests?

The pre-definition of interests by the organizer is a custom solution, which means that the list of desired interests must be sent as input to the Worksup team, who will then prepare it for the organizer.

However, the organizer must enable pre-definition of interests to activate it.

  • To do this, go to the “CONTROLS” module in the admin → activate the “Enable interest-based matchmaking” button.

💡 Pre-definition of interests can also be taken out of the event to the registration gate. This means that the participants select the interests they like from the organizer given interests before entering the event. When joining the event, their interests have already been defined on the profile and they can see the matches in the participation list immediately.

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