Branding allows the organizer to:

  • change the background color of the event;

  • upload a header image.

To add both the background color and the header image, move to the “CONTROLS” module in the admin view.

🖌 Changing of the background color

In the “CONTROLS” module, you can change the background color by clicking the color box under “App background color”. By default, the background color of the event is black. When making a new color selection, you must enter a new color as the HEX, RGB, or HSLA color code, or select it from the color palette.

🖼 Uploading app header picture

Under the "CONTROLS" module you can see the section "App header picture". To upload a header image, click on the “Upload picture” area and select an image file from the computer →

  • File size is up to 5MB;

  • You can customize the file before uploading, but not enlarge it. Therefore, it is definitely worth testing the banner's compatibility with the application when uploading.

  • TIP → Banners that have as little text as possible, but whose main information and slogans are as large as possible are more effective and easier to read!

By activating the "white background behind the picture" button, it is possible to add a white background around your header.

NB! After changing the branding, be sure to click the "Save" button below. Otherwise, the changes will not take effect and will be deleted.

An example of branding ⬇️

Default font in branding is “Roboto”

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