Event setup guide

Steps with recommendations to make your first Worksup event!

Basic Licence

What are the features included in Basic Licence and also different versions of it?


Default language selection offered by Worksup.


Grab the items you are most interested in and send them to your email!

Embed Code

How to embed Worksup event into your own domain?


How to create an agenda for your event?


How to personalize the design of the event and incorporate it with your branding?

Event access and security

Different ways of providing access and additional security for your event.

Activate the audience

Make your content more engaging with polls, quizzes and different tasks.


What are the ways to encourage participants to communicate?


Create an expo area for the event and create connections between participants and sponsors.


How to add live-stream, video meetings, external links, and other media options to the event.

Address attendees

What opportunities does the organizer have to communicate with participants and pass on information?

Analyse outcomes

Get feedback about your event performance and user behaviour.


Collaborate on events with other organizers!

Subscribing to Worksup

How to subscribe to our services?