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Whitelabel design
Whitelabel design
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ℹ️ Overview

The whitelabel design allows the organizer to change the standard branding. If in regular branding you can only change the background color and add a header image, then the whitelabel design allows to create the design according to the wishes of the organizer. This personalization gives the opportunity to create a unique look and feel for your event that will wow attendees the moment they first log on to your event.

All the features that can be changed with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are possible when creating a design.

βš™οΈ As an organizer, what should I prepare?

The whitelabel design solution is carried out by the Worksup development team according to the vision of the organizer. This means that the more accurate the organizer's request, the better the result!

The following help to convey this vision:

  1. Mockups or design patterns drawn by a designer;

  2. Corporate CVI (Corporate Visual Identity Manual);

  3. Branding color palette;

  4. Background images/-colors/-videos;

    1. There are some important points to keep in mind when choosing background graphics:

      • Because the font color is white by default, background tones should be darker to create contrast between text and background, so that information would not be lost.

      • Preferably, the background should be "clean", i.e. without logos and images, as it may not be possible to fit them in tablet and mobile views.

      • Two layouts should be considered when preparing design ideas: design with video player closed and design with video player open.

      • The preferred file format is PNG.

  5. Free text description of the desired design.

πŸ’‘ Items that are often ordered as part of whitelabel design:

  • textual changes, e.g. application of different fonts, sizes, colors;

  • the shape and color of the buttons and borders;

  • background image;

  • hiding systemic elements, e.g. "Chat with organizers" button and agenda times.

πŸ–Œ An example of whitelabel design compared to standard branding:

Telia Digital Hub 2021 (whitelabel)

Annual Conference of Educational Leaders 2022 (standard)

πŸ” Reuse of whitelabel design

Worksup allows you to reapply design rules created within one event to new events. New requests are not included- they must be ordered separately.

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