Increase traffic capacity
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ℹ️ Overview

The Basic Licence includes events that can hold up to 5000 attendees. This capacity can be increased up until 30 000 participants (and more if needed). To Increase traffic capacity, you must make a request to the Worksup team.

The number of attendees can be increased as follows:

  • 5000-10 000 attendees;

  • 10 000-20 000 attendees;

  • 20 000-30 000 attendees.

❓What happens if the number of attendees exceeds the limit?

Technically it is possible that more participants enter the event than your ordered limit allows, but it does have consequences. Each attendee, who crosses the limit, misses out on real-time upgrades made within the event. In example, when the organizer sends out a live announcement, upgrades agenda, adds a feature (and the list continues), the participant cannot take part in those upgrades and therefore their experience in the event might fall.

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