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ℹ️ Overview

To make the participants engage more with your expo booth, it is possible to add various promotions. The campaign can include offers, research topics, job offerings, competitions, and more.

⚙️ Adding campaigns

You can add a campaign in the "PROMOTIONS" area of ​​the expo booth.

  1. Choose “Create new promotion + ”.

  2. You will be taken to the following view:

    • Title (required): the title of the campaign should be something inviting.

    • Target group

    • Time: the period during which the promotion is valid.

    • Description:

      • In the short description, you can use different text description formats to make the campaign stand out as much as possible. You can also add links to the description (for example, to a job advertisement).

    • Tags

    • Contact email: a person who to contact with questions about the campaign.

  3. Select "Create" and the promotion will appear in the list of promotions in the "PROMOTIONS" area.

  4. It is also possible to gather all the promotions created by partners in one catalogue, so that they can then be displayed under the "Campaigns" menu button in the bottom menu bar of the event view. For this, it is necessary to activate the "Enable promotions tab (requires browser refresh)" button under "Controls" > "Premium features". In the campaign catalogue, it is also possible to find campaigns in the search according to their tags.

An example of a promotion

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