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Can I use a Firewall, VPN, or Proxy Server?
Can I use a Firewall, VPN, or Proxy Server?
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We do understand that many organizations prefer to route their network traffic through a firewall to improve privacy and security. However, because the video room is built using peer to peer technology, we do need some traffic to be allowed through the firewall. If the settings aren't adjusted, it's possible that you will experience difficulty connecting to the room or your guests in the room!


To use video room behind your firewall, a network administrator will need to adjust the settings on the firewall. For this to work, port 443 will need to be open to all TCP and UDP traffic.

Proxy or VPN Servers

At the moment we don't use a static range of IP addresses for our servers, so we don't recommend using the video room behind a proxy or VPN. In some cases users will have initial success using video room behind these services, but in many cases those users do end up experiencing connection issues at some point in time.

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