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Video room in participant view
Video room in participant view
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ℹ️ Overview

The participant can find the video room in different parts of the event: under general media and agenda elements, in a private conversation and from an expo booth. In the video room, participants can join discussions, participate in various workshops and much more.

💡 The participant can...

  • turn the camera and microphone on and off

  • use different background effects (read more here)

  • reduce background noises (read more here)

  • share their screens

  • communicate with other participants via common room chat board, sending messages and emoticons

In the lower left corner of the video room, there is a remote control icon that allows (from left to right):

  1. Close the toolbar

  2. Change video quality

  3. Bring the video room view to full screen

  4. Reduce the view of the video room to a corner

  5. Close the video room

⚙️ How to join a video room?

  1. When entering a video room the first thing the browser does is ask you for permission to use your camera and microphone. Be sure to select "Allow", as changing the permit may require additional time and skill. If necessary, you can read the more about access of the camera and microphone here.

    Choose "Allow"

  2. Once you have given the permissions, you will be taken to the video room. Below is a toolbar with different options.

  • Cam: by clicking on the camera icon, you can turn the camera on and off. By hovering over the icon, you can also choose which camera to use, special background effects, and get access to general video settings.

    • NB! If the camera is turned off, participant's networking profile avatar is displayed.

  • Mic: under the microphone icon, you can turn the microphone on or off by clicking on the icon. You can also select which microphone (and also the speakers) to use.

  • Share: this button allows you to share your screen with other participants.

  • Chat: allows you to send messages and emoticons to other participants. When you send an emoticon, it appears briefly in your video image. For example, if you choose to send a hand-raising emoticon (first in the pictures below), the speaker knows that you want to say something. You can also delete sent messages.

An example of a video room in participant view ⬇️

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