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ℹ️ Overview

The check-in report generates a spreadsheet for the organizer, containing all available information regarding the attendees and their registrations: check-in timestamp, IP address, email, networking profile (name, country, occupation, organization), registration data, etc. The report also contains custom data fields that the organizer has assigned to the participants of its event. The spreadsheet is constantly updated with new data when a new participant registers for the event.

⚙️ Where to access the check-in report?

  1. In the admin view, go to “PARTICIPATION” and select “Check-in records” under the “DOWNLOAD REPORT” button.

  2. Enter the email address to which the report will be sent and select "Create". Although we do offer the "Anyone with link" option, for security reasons we still recommend sending the report via email (only Google Accounts).

  3. After sending the report, options "Rewrite the whole document" and "Destroy spreadsheet" appear in the view.

    1. “Rewrite the whole document”: it may happen that you add more fields after the fact, e.g. a "subscribe to newsletter" checkbox in the registration phase. Similarly, someone may change their credentials in the networking profile. In these cases, press the "Reset" button and we will clear the sheet and re-hydrate it with the latest columns and data.

    2. “Destroy spreadsheet”: if you press the "Destroy" button, we will delete the spreadsheet as well as any references to it.

    3. "Update": updates the fields with latest data.

An example of a check-in report ⬇️

NB! Blank fields in the report refer to fields not filled in by the participant/participants who have entered in incognito mode.

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