Aggregates report
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The aggregates report includes the following data:


“Opened # times” indicates to the total number of openings for the event.

“Opened by # accounts“ indicates to how many different users the element has been opened by.

  • Event- event openings

  • Expo catalogue- expo area openings

  • Partner profile- partner exponent openings

  • Agenda catalogue- agenda openings

  • Agenda element- openings of agenda elements

  • Profile setup- number of setup profiles

  • Interest declaration- openings for the option to declare interests

  • Participant catalogue- openings for the participants' list

  • Participant profile- opening for participants' profiles

  • Chat request- number of sent chat requests

  • Networking text chat- number of chats opened at the event

  • Networking video chat- number of video chats opened at the event

  • Organizer support chat- openings of the organizer support chat

  • Event tasks- number of times the event tasks have been opened

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