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ℹ️ Overview

With moderated Q&A, the question submitted by the participant will initially go into "pending" mode. In order for the participant's question to become visible to others, the organizer must mark the question as approved. In this way, inappropriate questions can be avoided.

⚙️ How to activate the moderated Q&A?

  1. To activate moderated Q&A, go to the “CONTROLS” module > Premium features > and enable “Enable moderated Q&A” button.

  2. If a participant has asked a question, it will appear under the “Q&A” section like shown below. By clicking on the “Approve comment” button, the question/comment will appear in the participants' view.

⚙️ Delegating Q&A moderation to participants

This feature provides organizers with the flexibility to assign Q&A moderation privileges to participants who have passed the check-in process. The ability to grant Q&A moderator rights can be accessed through the Check-Ins section (scroll to the right until the end), located under the PARTICIPATIONS tab. Prior to assigning Q&A moderator rights, it's essential to ensure that the "Enable moderated Q&A" feature has been activated.

Upon being assigned the role of a Q&A moderator, participants will gain access to the "Approve comment" and "Mark as answered" buttons, empowering them to efficiently manage comments by either publishing or unpublishing them, as well as marking questions as "Answered.":

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