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Announcements in participant view
Announcements in participant view
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ℹ️ Overview

Through the notifications sent by the organizer, the participant can be up to date with the latest updates, platform features, welcoming words etc. The participant can follow the notifications both in the pop-up version (if the event is currently open) and in the notifications catalog.

πŸ”” Displaying announcements

A participant will only be notified with a pop-up if they are currently active at the event. The dialog shows the announcement's title, content, publication timestamp, and modification timestamp (if modified).

  • If the attendee is not active at the event at the time of publication, the unread notifications will pop up the next time they join the event. Announcements for which the organizer has not selected a pop-up option are displayed under "Notifications" and marked with a red circle.

  • If the organizer deletes the notification, it will disappear from the catalog view in real time and those who have not yet seen it will not receive the notification.

πŸ“– Notifications catalogue

The participant will see all published announcements in the notifications catalogue.

  • You can access the catalogue by navigating to the "Notifications" icon in the footer menu bar. A catalogue view opens with the titles of the notifications. Clicking the "Read more" button will open a notification with a title, timestamp and content.


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