Bulk-importing registrations
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ℹ️ Overview

Bulk importing is the uploading of participants' registration data from an xlsx file to Worksup. This allows the organizer to collect the registration data of a large number of attendees and register them all at once, without having to do it individually.

⚙️ How to bulk-import registrations?

  1. First, go to "REGISTRATIONS" module and click the "+" button on the right. Select "Bulk import from an xlsx file".

  2. Next, you can download a template of the attendee list xlsx file, on the basis of which you can start collecting participant registration data. Click "DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE HERE" to download. When the list is complete, the file must be uploaded to Worksup (Upload xlsx file) → click the "Import" button.

  3. After uploading the list, a window will open showing the number of created, updated and invalid registrations. Participants will appear in the list of registrations with the previously uploaded data. Registrations can also be invalidated if desired (see validation/invalidation of registrations).

    NB! The registrations can also be bulk exported as a xlsx. file. To do this, in the "Registrations" module, next to the "+" button, there is an export button > select "Registration records".

💡 Things to keep in mind when creating the registrations


  1. Valid titles for the columns (case-insensitive): Email, PID, Ticket Code, Name, Occupation, Organization, Attendance mode, Country.

  2. Each row must have at least one of the following: Email, PID, Ticket Code. A registration is identified by its Email, PID or Ticket Code.

  3. Each row must have a Name.

  4. Rows which violate the previous two rules are ignored during the import process.

  5. If a registration exists for a given identity (i.e. Email, PID, Ticket Code), then its values are overwritten upon import

  6. If the organizer wishes to add custom data fields, separate columns must be created for them. The custom data field is also automatically transferred to individual registrations form, but not to the participant's event profile, unless the corresponding service has been ordered from Worksup.

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