Backdoor URL
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ℹ️ Overview

A backdoor URL is an emergency entry to an event if, for some reason, the participant is unable to access the event independently. It is a link that is provided to the organizer for each event that has a gate with authentication. The link can also be used by a host, for example, to save time and skip the authentication process. When entering with the backdoor URL, the participant is in incognito mode.

Note: The backdoor URL of the event is intended for emergency use only. We do not recommend its widespread use, as the organizers will not see in the statistics who joined the event.

❓ What does it mean to be in incognito mode?

When a participant enters the event in incognito mode, it means that the browser is not saving their activity. When downloading event statistics, participants who have entered with a backdoor URL will appear as an empty row (i.e. the entrance timestamp and IP address will be visible, but name, occupation, email and other data will not be saved). Each time you enter incognito mode, it is as if you entered the event for the first time, and when you close the window and change the device or browser, the participant must enter the event again with the same link. Attendee's profile is not saved.

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