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Agenda time zones
Agenda time zones
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The agenda times are adaptive to the time zone of the participant's device. This means that if the time zone of the attendee's device differs from the time zone specified by the organizer, the agenda times will change to suit the participant's time zone.

The time zone indication shown above, will displayed in the participant's view, and by clicking on it, the participant will have two options:

  • Your device time zone (the time zone in parentheses where the participant's browser is currently located)

  • Event time zone (in parentheses is the time zone set by the admin)

  • By default, “Your device time zone” is active

When the selection is changed, the agenda times change in real time. The selection made is saved in the cloud, which means that if the participant opens the event on another device/browser and authenticates himself, the choice previously made is saved. If the time zone of the participant and the event is the same as that specified by the organizer, the time zone information is not displayed at all.

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