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Customers have the freedom to purchase, remove, and modify the services they desire without the need for lengthy communication with the Worksup team. This provides the flexibility to activate necessary features at their convenience and remove them when they are no longer needed. The subscription system is designed to be as convenient and quick as possible, where after entering the necessary data, adding or removing features only requires a couple of mouse clicks.

Where can subscribe to Worksup?

To manage subscriptions, there are two options: on the pricing page on our website or in your workspace under "Pricing & subscriptions."


In the admin panel, you can find the option to add services by navigating to your workspace's "Pricing & subscriptions" view in the left-hand menu. As always, a prerequisite for every event is the Base Plan, so the first step is to subscribe to it. When starting a subscription, you must first fill out the company's and payment details.

Pricing & subscriptions

Once the Base Plan is purchased, you can also add the following add-ons in this page: access gates, virtual expo, onboarding emails, take-aways, organizer announcements, and organizer scheduled meetings. To do this, click on the "+" icon next to each add-on. If an add-on is ordered midway through the billing period, you only need to pay for the days used.

After acquiring the base license, payment is made, and an invoice is sent accordingly. However, after acquiring add-ons, invoices are not generated immediately but at the beginning of the next billing period. This avoids multiple separate invoices when the organizer purchases add-ons at different times according to needs. Instead, a single invoice is issued at the beginning of the new billing period, which includes all ordered add-ons both retrospectively and for the upcoming period. The invoice for the next billing period will also display the cost of the add-ons as a prepayment. If you have suspended a service in the meantime, the amount for the upcoming period will not be reflected on the invoice.

All currently active subscriptions are visible on the same page. The Base Plan can be removed by clicking the "Cancel" button next to "Base Plan." By removing the Base Plan, the automatic renewal of all add-ons will also be terminated. Add-ons can be removed individually from the "Add-ons" section using the "Remove" button.

NOTE: Removed add-ons remain valid until the end of the current billing period! This means that charges for this period still apply.

Billing settings

Once the data is entered, a new option "Billing settings" appears under the workspace's side menu. From there, you can modify both your company's information and payment details. You can also view upcoming invoices as well as the history of past payments.

NOTE: In case Worksup is unable to process automatic payments with the added payment method for any reason (such as changes in payment details), the organizer is given a 3-day window where services are still active before they are canceled.

Homepage pricing

When an organizer is logged in to the admin panel, visiting our website through the same browser/device will automatically display the status of their active workspace's services in the pricing table. You can also switch to a different workspace from the top-right corner. Adding services works the same way as in the admin panel – by clicking the "+" icon. However, via the website, you can only add services; there is no option to modify or remove them there.

Email notifications

As the upcoming payment deadline approaches, Worksup sends a payment reminder to the email address added to the company's information.

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