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Attaching media under agenda days/ parallel sessions
Attaching media under agenda days/ parallel sessions
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ℹ️ Overview

In addition to general media and session-based media, media elements can also be added separately under each agenda day and parallel session. It is a good idea to use the feature, for example, if the parallel sessions and event days want to run different media from the general live-stream (e.g. the days have different streams, the parallel sessions have meetings, workshops, etc.).

NB! Media added under agenda days and parallel sessions does not open automatically. Only media added to the general media will open automatically.

Adding media under agenda days

  • Moving over the agenda day date, the “…” button will appear > click and select “Media”.

Adding media under parallel sessions

  • When hovering over the parallel session's title, the “…” button will appear. Choose “Media”.

More about adding different media types → here.

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