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ℹ️ Overview

The media module is used to add live-streams, two-way video meetings, video recordings, external links, documents etc. Media can be added under agenda elements, parallel sessions, general media, and expo booths.

⚙️ How to add media?

When adding media, the "Show/hide media" button must always be enabled.

  1. Media under agenda element: in the admin-view, move to “AGENDA“ module and choose “MEDIA“ under the desired element → “Attach media”.

  2. Media under general media (including live-stream): in the admin-view, move to “MEDIA“ module → “Attach media”.

  • After opening the event, media added under the general media opens automatically.

3. Media in expo booth: move to “EXPO” module. From there, select the desired booth and select “EDIT”. In the navigation bar, press “PRESENTATIONS” → “Attach media”.

4. When adding media, you need to add a title to the file and then choose “Select”. From there, you can choose from different file types to add: a file from the media library, computer, a media link, an embed link, or a video meeting.

You can read more about a specific media type from the links below:

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