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ℹ️ Overview

Video room is a good solution for organizing webinars, workshops, trainings, roundtables and demos. Worksup's video room feature allows up to 200 participants to join, and up to 24 participants to keep their camera and microphone on at the same time. The video room feature is supported by Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

❓ How to set up a video room?

  1. Navigate to either the session-based or general media view, depending on where you want to create the space. Enable media for the event ("Show/hide media for this..." radio button). Then select the "Attach media" button.

    Session-based media view

  2. Name the video room (Link text *) and press “SELECT”. Choose "Video Room".

  3. Next opens a view with the possible settings of the room →

    • Mode

    Standard- participants can use the camera and microphone at any time.

    Viewer- participants do not have the opportunity to use the camera and microphone. Instead, they participate as viewers, using only the chat and emoticons to communicate. You can read more about the viewer mode HERE.

    • Default video quality

    High (HD)

    Medium (Non-HD)

    Low (lower network consumption and frame rate to reduce the load on the participant's device. It is worth using if it is known that the participants may not have a fast and high-quality internet connection.)

    • Show the chat button

    Allows the participants to use a common chat area and emojis (e.g. “hand raising”).

    • Participant joins the meeting with camera turned on

    The participant cannot decide whether the camera is turned on or off when entering the room. This is done automatically.

    • Participant joins the meeting with microphone turned on

    The participant cannot decide whether the microphone is turned on or off when entering the room. This is done automatically.

    • Show the screenshare button

    Allows the participants/hosts to share their screens.

    • Show the recording button

    Allows the host to record the meeting.

    • Enable pre-call review

    Gives the participant an overview of their default settings before entering the video room, allowing them to change them if needed.

  4. Click "Add". The room is open for two months after creation.

📎 Changing the settings & direct link to the video room

Changing the settings

Once the video room has been created, the selected settings can be changed later from the button marked with a red circle.

Direct link to the video room

Under the settings, there is also an option to copy direct links to the video room. The direct link makes it easier (and faster) for the participant/host to enter the room. By clicking on the link, the participant/host will immediately be taken to the video room.

📊 Video room statistics

Under video room settings, you can see live statistics about your video room's performance.

🔌 Extensions and additional configurations

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