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ℹ️ Overview

The recording feature allows the video room host to record what is happening in the room. After saving the recording, you can download it to your computer and use it to perform analyzes, summaries, etc.

⚙️ How to record the meeting?

  1. To record, a host must be assigned to the video room (see here).

  2. In the video room toolbar there is now (only for hosts) a button “Record”. Hovering over the button you have to select “Start recording”. Before starting the recording, make sure that all participants in the room have agreed to it (there is no separate button for this, so permission must be requested in chat format).

  3. The screen is recording when the "record" button is red.

  4. To stop the recording, click the red "Stop" button.

  5. You can access the recordings from your video room settings (read here). By clicking on the download button, the recording will be downloaded automatically.

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