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ℹ️ Overview

It is recommended to add a host to the video meeting, who can have control over the cameras and microphones, make recordings, etc. If the video room is closed (i.e. participants have to "knock" to enter), it is mandatory to add a host. To add a host, the event must have a gate with email authentication (extra charge). You can read more about the email authentication gate here.

👤 How to add hosts to a video room?

To add a host:

  1. Below the video room settings is a host access list where users can be given host rights. To do this, select the "+" button on the right.

  2. Add room hosts by their email addresses. Emails can be separated by an enter, semicolon, comma, tab, or space. Select "Add".

    Host privileges:

  • See who's in the room at this very moment;

  • Possibility to spotlight participants in the room;

  • Forced shutdown of the participant's camera, microphone, and screen sharing;

  • Ask participants to turn on the camera, microphone or screen sharing;

  • Kicking participants out of the room;

  • Accept participants into a private video meeting.

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