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Agenda overview
Agenda overview
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ℹ️ Overview

The agenda is the first look at the event for the participant and therefore very important. The aim of the agenda is to give the participant, as easily as possible, an idea of ​​what will happen at the event and what content the event will offer them.

An example of agenda (Nordic-Baltic Security Summit)

⚙️ Setting up the agenda

The "AGENDA" module is the first module shown to the organizer after creating an event.

  1. In the "INFO" area of ​​the agenda element, the information of the first agenda item must be filled. In the event view, the elements run under each other (see example⬆️).

  • Title- title of the element (i.e. “Registration & Morning Coffee" ⬆️);

  • Start → End- the beginning and end time for the element;

    • When clicking on the eye icon next to "Start", you can make the start and end time invisible for the participant.

  • Location- location, where the presentation takes place;

  • Graphics- two options here:

    • Use icon- choose an icon for your agenda element from our listed options.

    • Use image(s)- upload an image file (max. 5MB) from your computer that represents the element. When uploading multiple images, they are automatically alternating in the agenda view.

  • Configure as a virtual meeting- allows to configure the element as a virtual meeting. Read more about virtual meetings from here;

  • Make this session clickable- necessary for audience activation tools (Q&A, ratings, tasks, media);

  • Presenters- names of the presenters;

  • Details- detailed information about the presentation.

2. After adding the information of the element, be sure to click the "Submit & Next" button.

3. To add a new element, click “Add element” and repeat the process.

4. Agenda elements also have some additional options. Read more about opportunities from here.

There are two buttons on the right side of the completed element ⬇️

  • Three dots- add parallel sessions or completely delete the item;

  • Two sheets of paper- copy the item.

💡NB! Agenda elements can be changed throughout the event. For example, if a presentation is known to last longer than planned or vice versa, it is possible to change the duration of the item or even delete it in an emergency. Participants can be notified of live changes with pop-up notifications (read more here).

🧲 Cloning of the elements

Next to the "Add element" button is the "Clone" button, which allows you to clone agenda items from previous events into this particular event. The cloned element does not contain tasks or parallel sessions from the previous event. You can search for an element by title, time, presenter, or additional information, for example.

🔌 Extensions and additional configurations

🖇 Related features

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