Meeting arrangements by the organizer
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ℹ️ Overview

In this feature, the organizer arranges a meeting based on video meetings feature, adding only the desired participants to the access list. Because an automatic email notification with a meeting link is sent to the participant when the appointment is created, the functionality only works if with an email authentication gate.

⚙️ How to setup the meeting?

  1. Navigate to the agenda element that you wish to configure as a virtual meeting, and check the box "Configure as virtual meeting".

  2. Add the required information to the element: title, start-end time, location, icon/image, presenters and details > then click the “Submit & Next” button.

  3. Navigate to the "ACCESS" view in the element and add participants to the meeting from the "+" button.

    • Next to the "+" button, there is also a synchronization button, from which all participants with valid access in the event list can be added to the access list at once

    • The organizer should also add themselves to the access list in order to have an overview of the meeting times.

  4. In the "ACCESS" view, you can also write an automatic e-mail notification to send the participants, with an appointment link. To do this, press the arrow button.

  5. You can now choose to write the email as plain text or HTML (if you want to change the layout). When the message is complete, click "Create". The email will be sent immediately.

  6. Go to the “CONTROLS” module > Premium features > and enable the “Enable virtual meetings tab (requires browser refresh)” button.

⚠️ The participant will receive a pop-up reminder 5 minutes before the start of the meeting. It is therefore important to ensure that the elements of the agenda remain within their time frames. If the element before the meeting ends earlier than expected (or later), the video room is not yet open for the meeting (or closes to soon), and notifications will come at the wrong time. To avoid this, it is important for the organizer to push the time of the agenda elements forwards or backwards if necessary.

🔌 Extensions and additional configurations

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