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Meeting arrangements by the organizer
Meeting arrangements by the organizer in the participant view
Meeting arrangements by the organizer in the participant view
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ℹ️ Overview

The participant will receive an email notification from the organizer about the upcoming virtual meeting. The email includes the date, time, location, a direct link to the meeting and other possible information.

❓ How to find the meeting?

  1. While in the event, the participant will have a "Meetings" option in the bottom menu bar, where the user will see all the meetings for which they have been registered to.

  2. Moving to the "Meetings" area, you can see the meeting element with the time, presenters and location. Clicking on the “Video Chat” button will take the participant to the information view.

  3. To enter the meeting, you can see the element of the video meeting with the "JOIN" button above.

  4. From here, the participant's browser will be asked for permission to use the microphone and camera. If you have accidentally denied access, you can get help here.

  5. In the meeting, the participant has the following options:

  • Turning the camera on and off

  • Turning the microphone on and off

  • Screen sharing

  • Participating in common chat area

At the event, the participant will receive a pop-up notification five minutes before the start of the meeting, reminding them of the upcoming meeting. You then have the option to either press "DISMISS" and the message will disappear or select "MEETING ROOM" to continue to the room.

📁 How to share media in the meeting?

To share files go to > “Meetings” > “Video Chat” > “Media” > “UPLOAD”.

  • The file format doesn't matter, but the maximum file size is 500MB.

  • The “Media” view combines both media files added by the admin and files uploaded by participants.

  • The files uploaded by the participants are also visible in the admin view.

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