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Meeting arrangements by the organizer
Meeting arrangements by the organizer in Google Spreadsheet
Meeting arrangements by the organizer in Google Spreadsheet
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ℹ️ Overview

The organizer can also arrange meetings in Google Sheets. This is a much faster and more convenient option if you need to add more than a few participants to the meeting. Tables and agenda items can be easily copied. It is a good idea to use Excel formulas to avoid typos.

⚙️ How to setup a meeting in Google Sheets?

It is not necessary to create the Spreadsheet table yourself, it will be forwarded to the organizer by Worksup.

  1. Fill in the fields on “Worksup Config” page.

    1. Access Key- given by Worksup.

    2. Event numberic ID- a number in the event URL after “/event”.

    3. Attendee app address- event access gate URL.

  2. In the “Onboarding Email Template”, create a email notification letter based on the template.

  3. On the "Virtual Meetings" page, enter the virtual meetings.

    1. Get the agenda day ID (number after “/agenda/day”) from the admin URL.

    2. Fill in all fields with a star, using the format requirements you see when you hover over a column title.

  4. Send out the email notification by clicking “Worksup” → “Send onboarding template” in the tools.

  5. Send out virtual meetings by clicking “Worksup” → “Send virtual meetings” in the tools.

🔌 Extensions and additional configurations

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