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❓ How to use the Status column in the Virtual Meetings sheet?

  • PENDING - virtual meeting has been transmitted from the booking form (or entered manually or whatever). It is now in the process of manual checks (e.g. making sure there are no overlaps for the stakeholders) and/or collecting necessary inputs to create the meeting in Worksup.

  • APPROVED - all the manual checks in the reservation process have been finished and as soon as all the required inputs are available, the virtual meeting is ready to be created in Worksup.

  • ONBOARDING FINISHED - virtual meeting has been initialized in Worksup and the participants have received an onboarding email.

  • CANCELLED - internal message which hints that the virtual meeting row can be dismissed for further processing.

❓ Which email placeholders can I use in the onboarding email template?

{{name}}, {{eventName}}, {{eventTimeZone}}, {{eventLink}}, {{eventAccessLink}}, {{occupation}}, {{organization}}, {{authenticationToken}}, {{title}}, {{presenters}}, {{details}}, {{startTime}}, {{endTime}}, {{agendaElementAccessLink}}

❓ How to run the virtual meeting the automation script?

If the virtual meeting is approved by Your organizing team:

1. mark it as APPROVED in the Status column;

2. fill in the required columns using the required format (hover on the header row to read detailed instructions!);

3. press "Worksup" from the toolbar and select "Send virtual meetings"

NB! In order to run this step, you must configure the onboarding email template first.

❓ What does the virtual meeting automation script do?

It will go over all the rows in the Virtual Meetings sheet which have Status set to APPROVED.

For each row, it will validate if all the required input fields are filled in and correctly formatted, e.g. date, emails in the format of "Firstname Lastname <email@domain.com>" etc.

If a row is invalid, it is ignored.

If a row is valid, the script will call Worksup back-end service.

There, listed participants will be registered to the event, a specially configured agenda element is created, access list is configured and the onboarding emails sent out.

If our back-end process finishes successfully, the spreadsheet script continues by marking the Status as ONBOARDING FINISHED as well as fill in the admin and app links. In addition, in the end of the process, it shows how many virtual meetings were created with the run.

If our back-end process throws an exception (i.e. when the onboarding email template has not yet been configured for this event), the spreadsheet script execution stops.

❓ Can I modify “ONBOARDING FINISHED“ virtual meetings from this spreadsheet?

No, you cannot and it will have no effect. In fact, the script marks the ONBOARDING FINISHED virtual meeting row as protected and will warn you about it. Why? After the virtual meeting automation script finishes and marks it as ONBOARDING FINISHED, the control over the data is handed over to the Worksup. If you need to change the credentials, i.e. add more participants or change the title, do it from worksup.com/admin. In another words, after Worksup initialization, you should consider its system as the new source of truth and not make changes to the corresponding row in Virtual Meetings tab (it has no effect and will only make your business process hard to track!).

❓ Why do I see the "Authorization required" dialog when I try to run the automation scripts?

This is a security feature of Google. When you run the automation script for the first time, the prompted dialog lets you know that a custom script is being executed which may read and modify data of your spreadsheet. Since this is a private automation script written specifically for this project and not published anywhere, then this is expected.

Just press "Continue" and follow the directions.

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