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ℹ️ Overview

Announcements feature allows the organizer to send notifications to participants as part of the event. Notifications can be in pop-up format or in the event notification catalogue. The feature helps to pass on important information to the participants at the event, for example about updating the agenda or also about using the platform.

⚙️ Setting up the announcements

  1. To create notifications, go to the "ANNOUNCEMENTS" module in the admin view > "Enable announcements for this event" > "Create new announcement".

  2. Next create your notification content:

  • Title

  • Content: different text description formats can be used in the content description to make the message as prominent as possible. You can also add hyperlinks to the announcement. For a more particular design, it is possible to add the announcement in HTML, from the icon shown above.

  • Behaviour consists of two options: “Open in popup“ and “Transient“

    • If both are unchecked: the notification will be saved in the notifications catalogue in the participant view and will not appear as a pop-up on the participant's screen.

    • If only "Open in popup" is checked: the notification will appear as a popup and will be saved in the notifications catalogue.

    • If both are checked: the notification will not be saved in the catalogue and will only appear once as a popup (only to those who are currently in the event view). Those who are not currently online or have lost their live connection will not be notified.

3. The organizer will see the created notifications in the order in which they were created. Next to the notification, you'll see how many people have seen it. It is also possible to edit and delete published notifications.

🔌 Extensions and additional configurations

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