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Additional options for the agenda
Additional options for the agenda
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ℹ️ Overview

In addition to adding basic information, it is possible to add tasks, media files, access lists and other activities, that activate the participant.

Options include:

  • Ratings;

  • Access List;

  • Social media footer;

  • Labeling agenda elements.

⭐️ Rating

The rating feature allows participants to rate the presentation/presenter in a five-star system.

  1. To activate this option, go to the "Rating" view of the desired element and enable the "Enable/disable rating on the agenda item" button.

2. Once the participants have rated the element, the organizer will see a table with the results and average rating in the “Rating” view.

NB! The participant only sees the average rating of the presentation and not the raters or amount of rates.

🔒 Access List (only available with email authentication gate)

How to provide access?

Through the access list, the organizer can grant access only to those participants, who he/she choses to add on the list. The element is not visible to those who do not have access.

  1. Navigate to the “ACCESS” view of the desired element and enable the “Enable/disable access list for this agenda item” button.

  2. Add participants with the "+" button to access the element.

  3. Next to the "+" button, there is also a synchronization button, from which all participants with valid access in the event list can be added to the access list at once.

Sending onboarding emails

If the organizer has also purchased onboarding emails' licence, it is possible for them to send the attendees with access informative onboarding emails.

To do so, he/she must act according to the instructions given under "Onboarding emails (info, notifications, reminders, etc.)".

By default, the text of the agenda access list onboarding template looks like so:

📱 Social media footer

From "CONTROLS" > "Premium features", there is an option to add social media links to your agenda.

The social media icons will be displayed at the end of agenda, after the last element, like shown above:

🏷 Labeling agenda elements

In order to make it easier to find and distribute elements in larger agendas, it is possible to add colored labels.

For example: the organizer has three different subject areas - technology, environment and industry. Now they can add labels corresponding to each element, so they immediately stand out from the agenda with given colors.

  • To add a tag, there is a sector called "Tags" in the "INFO" area of ​​the agenda element, where you can enter different tags that represent this element. By clicking on the white circle, you can also choose a suitable color for the label.

  • When in the agenda, the participant can also search for tags (along with speakers) in the top search bar to filter out topics of interest faster and add them to their favorites, if preferred.

🔌 Extensions and additional configurations

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