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ℹ️ Overview

Conducting tasks is an easy way to get to know your audience and their level of knowledge on specific topics. Tasks let you check if participants are able to remember important information from presentations, allowing you to gather feedback on the effectiveness of your presentation. Tasks also help to see different people's perspectives on certain topics, hear about different experiences, and much more.

⚙️ How to setup tasks?

Currently we offer four types of tasks:

  • Polls

  • Quizzes

  • Open-ended questions

  • Creative tasks

Tasks under agenda elements

  1. To add a task, go to the "AGENDA" module and create an agenda element. The box below must be checked under the "INFO" tab.

  2. After filling in the agenda information (title, start-end time, presenters, description, etc.) and activating the button shown above, click “Save & next”.

  3. Select the agenda element again and this time go to the “TASKS” tab > “Create a new task”.

Tasks in expo booth

Expo-based tasks allow partners to engage with more audience and bring more activity to their expo booth.

To set up a task in the expo booth, go to the “ENGAGEMENT” module > and choose “Create a new task”.

Event-based tasks

Tasks which have cross-event scope, such as feedback forms

  1. In the admin view, go to the “TASKS” module > click on “Create a new task”.

  2. Activate the “Enable/disable tasks for this event” button.

In the participant view, the event-based tasks are located in the agenda (bottom right corner) under the green “Tasks” button.

📌 When creating a task, the choice is either: Poll (also Quiz), Text task or Image task.

To read more about different tasks, click the links here → Poll, Quiz, Text task (open ended question), Image task (creative tasks).

💡 Additional options for tasks

Buttons from left to right:

  1. you can change the order of the questions by holding and dropping

  2. choose how to view answers (read more about displaying the answers/results here)

  3. hides or makes the task public

  4. allows you to download the answers to the question as an xlsx file

  5. clears all answers to the question

  6. permanently deletes the question

  7. allows to edit the question

🔌 Extensions and additional configurations

🖇 Related features

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