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ℹ️ Overview

The organizer can display the answers to the tasks in several ways. The display of results will continue to motivate the audience to respond, as the participant is generally always interested in knowing how the other participants feel about the topic or how they did with some of the test questions.

Each task type has different options for displaying the answers:

⭐️ Polls

  1. Real-time donut chart

  2. Real-time bar chart

⭐️ Open-ended questions

  1. Live answers (open & read)

  2. Live slideshow of answers

  3. Wordcloud

⭐️ Quiz

  1. Real-time donut chart

  2. Real-time bar chart

  3. Real-time quiz ranking table

  4. Quiz raffle- correct respondents only

  5. Quiz raffle- all respondents

NB! Quiz winning animations are shown here.

⭐️ Creative tasks

  1. Live answers (open & read)

  2. Live slideshow of answers

📊 Ways to display the results

  • Real-time donut chart

In the donut chart, the answers are divided by percentages, also showing the answer itself.

  • Real-time bar chart

In the bar chart, the answers are marked as columns, with the column itself being the answer, and the adjacent axis indicates how many participants selected the answer.

  • Live answers (open & read)

For live responses, each participant's response is displayed as a separate element, which is must be clicked to display the response.

  • Live slideshow of answers

A live presentation is a slideshow in which the responses of participants are displayed one-by-one after regular intervals.

  • Wordcloud

For a wordcloud, the keywords of all the respondents are collected. The more the word is entered by the participants, the bigger the word will appear in the cloud. There is a small cloud in the upper left corner that shows how many words your word cloud consists of.

📌 All the results are updated in real-time, i.e. if the organizer shows the answers on the screen and someone is sending an answer at the same time, the results on the screen will change accordingly.

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