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ℹ️ Overview

A poll allows questions to be asked in two ways, with multiple answer-choices or one answer only. Polls can be used to give the participants a way to test their knowledge, for example before and after the presentation/event. You can also get to know your participant's interests, opinion, desires and much more.

⚙️ How to setup a poll?

  1. Once you have made it to a task setup in the agenda element (explained in the virtual tasks article), you have to select "Poll".

  2. Second, you can choose whether the participants must answer the question:

    1. anonymously: by enabling the “Anonymous” button.

    2. non-anonymously: the participant must provide a name to be able to submit the answer (for several questions it is enough to fill in the first name field, the following ones are filled in automatically).

    3. you can also choose if you create the poll as a quiz or not (read more about quizzes here).

  3. Write down the question.

  4. Next you get to choose what type of a poll you want it to be:

    1. Allow custom choice: participants can create their own custom answer choices.

    2. Allow multiple answers: the participant can choose multiple answers.

    3. Jätta mõlemad märkimata: the participant can choose one answer choice only.

  5. Create the answer choices.

  6. Lastly you can choose if you want to:

    1. Reveal answers: the participant sees a “RESULTS” button under the question, and when clicked, a table with answers appears.

    2. Publish now: question will be instantly published.

    3. Publish later: you get to publish the answer later manually.

  7. Choose “Create task”.

🔌 Extensions and additional configurations

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