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ℹ️ Overview

It is known that people are already competitive by nature. Taking advantage of this feature, it's a good idea to include a quiz in the event, why not with a prize. Knowing that answering the questions correctly is more likely to win them a prize, it will increase participants' motivation to carefully follow along with the presentations.

⚙️ How to setup a quiz?

Setting up a quiz is very similar to setting up polls, except that:

  1. The "Quiz" button next to the anonymity option must also be activated (anonymity cannot be maintained for a quiz).

  2. At least one correct answer must be marked by clicking on the star next to the answer choice.

🎉 Quiz and its winning animations

To announce a winner by creating a quiz, go to the “TASKS” view of the agenda element > select the desired quiz > click on the “View answers” ​​button and choose between the three options below.

The quiz has two options for announcing the winner:

  1. Lottery wheel

This option is divided into two parts:

  • Quiz raffle - correct respondents only.

  • Quiz raffle - all respondents.

    To spin the wheel hold CTRL + ENTER or click on “SPIN”

2. Ranking-table

When choosing a ranking-table, the participant who answers the fastest will be chosen as the winner.

Real-time quiz ranking table

🔌 Extensions and additional configurations

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