ℹ️ Overview

The expo area allows attendees to get to know the partners or sponsors of the event and to establish contact with their representatives. Unlike with a physical expo, at a virtual expo one can move from stand to stand very quickly. While at the booth, the participant can get acquainted with the selected information, watch and participate in demos/tasks and start a conversation with representatives. Partners and sponsors can present introductory materials to participants, find partners, advertise, etc.

⚙️ Setting up an expo booth

Before setting up an expo booth, it is important to make sure that Networking is enabled under “CONTROLS” module, as without it the participant will not be able to contact the contacts in the expo area.

  1. Go to the "EXPO" module and enable expo for this event. Then click "+ ADD PARTNER".

    1. "Create" - allows you to create a new partner.

    2. There is also a "Previously Added" option, which lets you reuse a partner created under the same admin account. By selecting an expo partner that has already been created, only "About" and "Presentations" data will be included in the new event. Other information is event-based and must be added separately.

  2. Once you've chosen "Create", you must provide the name and e-mail address of the organization. Then click "Create" again. The stand will appear in the view of the exhibition area. To personalize it, select “EDIT” under the stand.

  • Organization name

  • Organization e-mail

  • Headline (max 144 chars): the title should be something that would grab the attention of the participants and invite them to visit your expo area (e.g. an offer).

  • About (max 2000 chars): introductory text about the company, service provided, etc.

  • Homepage: the URL to partner's homepage.

  • Phone number

  • Background color: RGB or HEX-code

  • Cover photo:

    • A photo representing a company/service/product

    • The attached photo should not be sensitive to cropping or logo placement. Because the center of the photo is used to display the image, the logo should be placed in the center of the header if desired.

    • The image should be in landscape view, such as 16:9 or 1600x900px/ 1920x1080px resolution.

    • Format: PNG, JPEG, JPG

    • The maximum file size 5MB.

  • Logo:

    • Format: PNG, JPG

    • The maximum file size 3MB.

    • The aspect ratio of the logo is optional, but the height should not exceed 300px.

      Example of displaying info on Telia's expo booth

🔌 Extensions and additional configurations

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