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ℹ️ Overview

The Take-away basket is a wonderful tool for attendees to capture the contacts and elements from the event that interest them the most. This allows people to continue researching the most memorable topics after the event and to make contact with like-minded people without having to look them up from the event. The functionality also makes it easier at the end to summarize the whole event.

⚙️ Activation of the Take-aways feature

To activate Take-aways feature, the organizer must enable the button shown below:

  • Move to “CONTROLS” panel > Premium features > “Enable take-aways”.

🛒 The use of Take-aways from attendee's point of view

The attendee can add following items to their basket:

  • Profiles of other participants

  • Expo booths

  • Expo media materials

  • Session's media

Adding elements to basket

To add elements into the Take-aways basket, each element has a basket icon. When clicked, the item is added to the basket and a check mark appears instead of the plus sign.

Participant's profile

Session's media

Expo booth

Expo media material

How to access the Take-aways basket

  1. In order for a participant to see what they have added to their basket, they must first navigate to their event profile. In the upper right corner is the Take-away basket icon.

  2. By clicking the button, the participant will be taken to the basket of elements they have collected. It includes:

  • list of elements with their types;

  • shortcut to the element;

  • opportunity to delete element (trash icon).

Exporting Take-aways basket

You can send Take-aways basket onto your email for further examination.

  1. Navigate to your event profile > "TAKE-AWAY". In the upper right corner is the "EXPORT" icon.

  2. When you click the button, a pop-up window will appear, pre-filled with your email address. You can change it if necessary. When finished, click "Send".

  3. A collection of your selected items and their content has been emailed to you!

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