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Profile and participation list
Profile and participation list
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ℹ️ Overview

At the event, each user has a personal profile, which according to the event can be created by the participant or is already pre-filled with data inserted by the organizer during registration. A profile is an opportunity for participants to get an overview of other participants in the event and their areas of activity and interests. To better understand the profiles of the participants, all profiles are grouped together in a participation list.

👥 Creating a profile (by the organizer)

For events with authenticated access, the organizer can create a pre-filled profile for the participant to facilitate their entry into the event. When entering the event, a profile has been created for the participant, but the participant's data can still be changed if desired.

You can read more about the registration of participants → here (individual registration) and here (bulk-importing of registrations).

Manage and hide profiles

As an organizer, it is possible to see the profiles created by participants and, if necessary, hide them from the view of other participants. It is also possible to change the attendance mode and tags.

To manage profiles, go to the “Networking” module in the admin view. There is a list of all participants with their profile details.

  • To hide a participant, there is an "Edit" button on the right side of the participant's row > select "Hide". The status column shows whether the participant's profile is currently visible or not.

  • You can change the participant's tags or attendance mode under the "Edit" button as well, by selecting "Edit data".

👤 Creating a profile (by participants)

The participant must create a profile themselves in the case of an event with anonymous access or self-registration.

  • For events with registration (events with authenticated access), the participant's profile details entered during registration are transferred directly to the user's profile.

  • For events with anonymous access, profile creation is optional, but still recommended, to use networking tools. To create a profile, go to the "Profile" area in ​​the event footer menu > fill in the fields > click the green arrow button to save.

    NB! If the profile has been created and the participant want to hide their profile, it can be done under the "Update" button on the profile by selecting "Hide". Before hiding the profile, a warning is displayed, saying they will also lose the ability to participate in networking. Profile can be made visible again under the profile tab by selecting "Reveal profile".

📋 Participation list

The participation list includes all participants with a networking profile.

  • You can access the list by going to the "Participants" view in the footer menu.

  • The profiles of the participants run from top to bottom in a consecutive list, containing their previously marked personal details.

  • There is a "Say hello" button on the profile. By clicking on it you can start a conversation with the participant → read more about the private chat here.

    An example of a participant profile

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