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ℹ️ Overview

Each gate with authenticated access requires registration of the participants. The registration of a participant can be either done by the attendee or by the organizer (in case of closed access events).

⚙️ Single person registration

Although participants are generally registered by bulk-importing the registration data, it may be necessary to register participants individually as well (for example, if someone is left out of the list and needs to be added later).

  1. To register a participant individually, the admin must go to the "REGISTRATIONS" module. Without any previous registrations, an empty list will initially open in the registration view. To add a participant, press the “+” button on the right and select “Register a Single Person”.

  2. A registration form will then open which must be filled with all the required data (name, email/PID). If desired, you can also add the participant's occupation, organization, country, attendance mode and profile picture. If additional custom data fields have previously been imported with the xlsx file, they will also appear in the selection upon individual registration form. When finished, be sure to click "Save".

  3. After registering the participant, he/she will appear in the list of registered users in the "REGISTRATIONS" view.

🔌 Extensions and additional configurations

🖇 Related features

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