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Registration gate that switches to check-in gate at a particular time
Registration gate that switches to check-in gate at a particular time
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ℹ️ Overview

This gate allows the organizer to open the registration for the participants before the start of the event. This way, when entering the event, the participant no longer has to bother with registration. Pre-registration will end at a time chosen by the organizer, after which the gate will become a standard email authentication check-in gate.

βš™οΈ Open access or closed access?

  • The organizer can choose from two options after they have opened the check-in:

    • With open access gate, after opening the check-in, the participant can still register for the event, after which the attendee will be granted access to the event via email authentication.

    • With closed access gate, only those participants who have registered themselves during the registration period will be able to enter the event. If someone has missed the registration period, the organizer still has the option to add the participant to the list of registrations individually.

      • Since both are email authentication gates, it is important for the organizer to create a PIN code letter, that will be sent to the attendee's email. You can read more about it here.

πŸ” Setting up the gate

To set up the gate, move to the "GATE" module in the admin view.

  1. Configure the gate in the usual way by selecting open access (read "Configuring gates by the organizer").

  2. In the same "GATE" view, make a checkmark in the "Disable check-in" box, which will end the check-in option, meaning that attendees will no longer be able to access the event.

  3. Create a letter for "waiting room" in the text field shown above. After registration, the participant is sent to the "waiting room". In the letter, it would be advisable to thank for the registration and display the opening time of the check-in gates.

    If the "waiting room" text field is left empty, a default text shown above will be used.

  4. At the desired time, uncheck the "Disable check-in" box to allow participants access to the event. If you want no new participants to be able to register, change the gate type to pre-registered access.

NB! Access with a personal link or backdoor URL is still possible. In this way, access to the necessary parties is still maintained.

πŸ”Œ Extensions and additional configurations

πŸ–‡ Related features

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