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Self-service personal access gates with email authentication
Self-service personal access gates with email authentication
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ℹ️ Overview

Worksup also allows the organizer to set up entrance gates independently. This way, the organizers can set up the gate at their own pace. It is also possible to change the type of the gate and edit typos in the gate texts as needed, without having to wait for Worksup to do it. The gates can be created with basic branding, in Estonian and English.

There are six types of gates to choose from:

  • Unrestricted

There is no authentication at check-in, you can only access the event with the event ID.

  • Pre-registred access

Only participants pre-registered by the organizer can get access.

Read about registrations here.

  • Open-registration access

Participants register for the event themselves.

  • Data collection

Upon registration, the participant will be asked for the data selected by the organizer.

  • Password gate

To enter the event, the attendee must enter the password provided by the organizer.

  • Fienta ticketing integration

The participant enters the event with a ticket code (from previously purchased ticket).

NB! If you choose closed or open access, the participant enters the event using email authentication and a personal PIN-code sent to that email. For the platform to be able to send the code, the organizer must create a message based on our PIN-template. Without it, an email with a code cannot be sent to a participant.

Read more about personal access with email here.

⚙️ The set up of the gates

  1. In the admin view, there is a “GATE” module > make a choice between the three gate types listed above.

  2. Choose a specific gate.

  3. Fill in the fields.

  • "Message to show when attendee has not previously registered" and "Instructions to enter the verification PIN-code from e-mail" can be left blank. In this case, Worksup default messages are displayed (shown below).

  • Text fields are "What You See Is What You Get" editors that allow you to experiment with different formats, giving the final result in exactly the form you entered. If even further design is needed, it is possible to add a HTML code with style, from the "< >" icon on the text editor's toolbar.

  • You can copy the backdoor URL link from the gate setup view. You can read more about the link here.

📄 Worksup's default messages

  • "Message to show for unregistered attendees"

  • "Instructions to enter the verification PIN-code from e-mail"

💡 Tip for testing

To test the gates, the organizer can copy the event link and paste it into the incognito window. This way, the organizer always enters the event "for the first time", without having any restrictions on testing.

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