Authenticated access
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ℹ️ Overview

With authenticated access, the attendee must confirm his/her identity via email, PID (personal identification number) or ticket code when entering the event. The data entered during registration will be automatically transferred to the participant's event profile. The profile is saved, and if the participant does not change the browser or device when entering the event, there is no need to go through the check-in gate again (unless the cache has been cleared/ incognito mode is used).

For email authentication, a personal PIN will be sent to the participant's email after going through the check-in gate. This code must be inserted at the entrance gate, after which access to the event will be granted.

When authenticating with a PID, the participant enters a personal identification code at the check-in gate and then continues authentication with a Smart-ID, Mobile-ID or ID card.

The organizer will sell tickets to the attendee through the ticket sales platform of his choice. The ticket code must then be entered by the participant at the event check-in gate.

🔌 Extensions and additional configurations

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