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ℹ️ Overview

The purpose of eID entrance gate is to add an extra security feature to high-profile events. Entry is only possible through a closed access gate, so unexpected visitors cannot enter the event. The organizer will add the participant's personal identification number (PID) to the list and the attendee will be able to access the event using Mobile ID, Smart-ID or ID card to authenticate their identity. On entry, the participant's profile is pre-filled based on the data added by the organizer upon registration.

⚙️ Setup by the organizer

  • Since this is a closed access gate, the organizer must pre-register the participants. You can read more about registration here (single registration) and here (bulk-importing registrations). This time, when registering the participants, it is important to indicate the participant's personal identification code.

👤 Entry in participant view

Enter your personal identification code...

Choose your method for authentication...

Authentication, which is followed by entry to the event.

🌍 Supported countries

🇫🇮Findland: national eID card

🇦🇽Island: mobile ID, smart card “Audkenni”, “Audkenni” app

🇧🇪Belgium: national eID card

🇵🇹Portugal: national eID card

🇪🇸Spain: national eID card

🇮🇹Italy: USB token

🇳🇴Norway: BankID, BankID on mobile

NB! The list of supported countries and technologies is constantly being updated. You can read about the latest updates here.

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