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ℹ️ Overview

Fienta integration allows the organizer to create an event with a ticket. To enter the Worksup event, the participant must purchase a ticket from the Fienta platform. After the purchase the participant will be granted access by entering the ticket code in check-in gate or through a direct link created by the organizer. All participants who have purchased a ticket can enter the event.

⚙️ How to setup your event using Fienta?

  1. First go to Fienta → Online events with Worksup | Fienta and create your own event in Fienta (instructions can be found on Fienta page). Copy your account-specific API key.

  2. Next create your Worksup event.

  3. To generate a Fienta gate in Worksup, go to the "Gate" module and choose "Ticket gate".

    1. Add a greeting text and, if desired, a footer.

    2. Copy your Fienta account-based API key under "Fienta API key".

    3. Notify Worksup about your Fienta event, and we'll link Fienta's registration fields to Worksup's.

  4. Since the attendee must go through email authentication upon entering the ticket code at the gate (or using the direct link), it is necessary for the organizer to set up a PIN code letter. To read how it's done click → here.

  • Once the event has been created and the gate has been generated by Worksup, the organizer will be able to create a direct shortcut from Fienta to the Worksup event. Event link must be copied from "Controls" panel under the "Event direct link". No "#" symbol should be used.

  • If tickets have different types, Worksup should also be notified. It is possible to create special rights for different ticket types (e.g. day ticket, specific session ticket, etc.). In this case, it is recommended to provide us the URL link for the Fienta event to check the ticket types (the same link you share with the participants so that they could register for your event in Fienta).

🎫 Entering the event

The participant has two options to enter the event with Fienta:

  1. Direct link by organizer- when a participant buys a ticket from Fienta, a button with direct access to the event will be generated (by the organizer) after the purchase of the ticket. The participant does not need to enter a ticket code, and the event profile is already pre-filled with Fienta registration information, making it the most convenient option.

  2. Ticket code at the gate- the participant must go to the Worksup event link and enter the ticket code received from Fienta to get access.

    NB! To ensure best security, the attendees must still go through email authentication upon entering the ticket code at the gate or using the direct link.

    The ticket code is located under the QR code of the participant's ticket.

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