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ℹ️ Overview

For events with anonymous access, the participants do not need to authenticate themselves at the gate, and it is enough to know the access key (event ID) to enter. Events with anonymous access are characterized by:

  1. if a participant wants to participate in networking, he/she must create a profile by him-/herself;

  2. if the participant does not create a profile, he/she will be anonymous throughout the event (and also in the analytical reports!);

  3. because the participant is not associated with a verified email address, they will not receive email notifications when someone writes to them in private chat.

  4. if the same participant joins the event from a different device/browser, the application will not know that it is the same person due to the lack of authentication. This in turn means that:

    1. if networking is turned on, the participant will have to re-create the profile, if desired, which will result in duplicate profiles;

    2. the conversations and other the data is connected to one device only;

    3. in the analytical reports, each time the participant enters, they will be counted as a new entrant.

πŸ”Œ Extensions and additional configurations

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