ℹ️ Overview

When generating name tags, the organizer will receive a QR code for each registered participant and a list of the name tag data as an excel file. The Excel file can be sent directly to the workshop as input to create personal name tags for participants.

⚙️ Generating name tags

The prerequisite for generating name tags is the pre-registration of the participants either by the organizer or the participant himself.

  1. In the “REGISTRATIONS” module, select the “Export” button from top row > “Name tag data with profile QR-codes”.

  2. Next, a .zip file will be downloaded. The file contains a “name-tags.xlsx” file and a “qr-codes” folder, containing QR codes as PDF files.

    An example of name-tags.xlsx file.

NB! If the organizer adds custom fields to the registration, they will not be transferred to the name tags excel file!

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