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ℹ️ Overview

When generating name tags, the organizer will receive a QR code for each registered participant and a list of the name tag data as an excel file. The Excel file can be sent directly to the workshop as input to create personal name tags for participants.

⚙️ Generating name tags

The prerequisite for generating name tags is the pre-registration of the participants either by the organizer or the participant himself.

  1. In the “REGISTRATIONS” module, select the “Export” button from top row > “Name tag data with profile QR-codes”.

  2. Next, a .zip file will be downloaded. The file contains a “name-tags.xlsx” file and a “qr-codes” folder, containing QR codes as PDF files.

    An example of name-tags.xlsx file.

NB! If the organizer adds custom fields to the registration, they will not be transferred to the name tags excel file!

⚙️ Name tag QR-scan tracker

When the QR code on the name tag is scanned, each scan is recorded. This gives the organizer an opportunity to monitor statistics. Name tag statistics can be seen by downloading the "Detailed interactivity and pageview metrics" report, which also contains the "Name tag QR-codes" report. It includes the following information:

  • Name tag

  • Scanned # times

  • Scanned by # accounts

Additional information:

  1. If the take-away basket is also activated at the event, the participant will automatically be added to the take-away basket when scanned. The notification "Name tag of {{name}} added to your take-away basket" will appear.

  2. It is also possible to scan a name tag QR-code of an attendee who hasn’t checked in yet. In this case, his/her registration record is saved in the take-away basket, instead of the the participant's profile.

  3. If attendee scans his/her own name tag, his/her profile view appears with disabled “This is you!” button for chat.

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