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ℹ️ Overview

As an organizer, situations may arise where there is a need to change registrations. Although Worksup allows it, it should be remembered that it can only be done if the participant has not yet checked-in (later changes would not have an effect). Validations can be changed at any time.

⚙️ Validating/invalidating registrations

  1. To invalidate a participant's registration, go to "Registrations" in the event view. The last column of the participation list shows the status of the participant, which indicates whether the registration is "Valid" or "Invalid". To invalidate the registration, click "Edit" and select "Invalidate".

    NB! The Participant loses the access only for subsequent entries. If the attendee is currently already in the event, it is not possible to remove them.

  2. There is also an option to delete all registrations at once. For this, there is a trash can icon "Delete all event registrations" on the tool bar. Clicking on it will ask for confirmation to delete registrations.

⚙️ Editing the registration data

The organizer can change all the data fields of the participant's registration.

  • This can be done by selecting the "Edit" button on a specific participant under "Registrations", make the desired changes and press "Save".

  • It is also possible to change the data through bulk import, if you need to change the registrations of all participants. To do this, you need to make changes to the table and import a new table to Worksup.

NB! It is possible to change the data of a registered participant only if the participant has not yet entered the event (otherwise the message down below will be displayed ⬇️).

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