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ℹ️ Overview

Private chat is an effective way to communicate between participants. It also encourages a more modest part of the audience to contact each other, who would not want to do so in a public conversation. A private conversation provides an opportunity for the participants to ask questions, discuss common interests, initiate cooperation, and much more. You can have a private conversation via chatting or video calling.

⚙️ User guide for the organizer

Private chat is a feature that comes along with networking. However, the organizer still has a few options to make changes if desired:

  1. Skipping message request process - when writing a message, a request is first sent to the other party to accept it, before chatting/making video calls is made possible. This feature allows participants to contact each other directly. This option is useful, for example, if you're hosting an audience that have been previously acquainted.

  • To activate the feature, go to the “CONTROLS” module > and enable “Skip meeting request proccess to enable direct chatting” button.

2. Allowing group chats - initially, the private chat will work in 1-1 format, but it is also possible to allow the chat admins to include third parties in the chat as well.

  • To do that, go to the "CONTROLS" module > Premium features > and "Enable quests in networking meetings".

🔌 Extensions and additional configurations

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