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Private chat
Private chat in participant view
Private chat in participant view
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ℹ️ Overview

Private chat allows the participant to chat with other participants in the event, both in text message and video call format. It is also possible to involve third parties in the conversation and share media files.

💬 Starting of the conversation!

  1. To start a private conversation with an attendee, go to the participation list ("Participants") and move to the desired participant's profile > click on the "Say hello/Send message" button.

    1. ”Send message”- a chat request will be sent to the participant and you will not be able to chat until they have accepted the request.

      You can define the content of the message request yourself.

    2. “Say hello “- if the organizer has disabled the request process, the participant can be contacted directly.

      The first message that is automatically sent when the "Say hello" button is clicked.

  2. Once the message has been accepted/sent, you can chat in the usual way:

    1. To write a message, type in the "Type a message…" box and press the arrow next to the box or just "Enter" on your keyboard.

    2. You can edit a sent message (under the pencil icon) and also delete it (under the trash can icon).

      NB! You can see all your conversations in the "Conversations" view in the footer menu of the event.

⚙️ Group chat and other additional options

  1. When chatting, there is a gear icon in the upper right corner.

    Clicking on it will open a new view:

  • “Rename” (upper right corner)- allows to change the name of the conversation.

  • Chat hosts

  • Grupichat- allows third parties to be involved in the conversation:

    • Click on the “+ INVITE” button and search for the person's profile that you want to invite > choose "Select".

    • The guest of the conversation can be removed from the chat again using the "REMOVE" button.

  • Shared media:

    1. Click the "Upload" button and upload the desired media file from your computer.


    2. Click the "📎" button next to the chat view text box and upload the media file from your computer.

2. Video chat:

  • In the chat view, there is a "🎥 VIDEO CHAT" button under the other attendee's profile. By clicking on it, you will be taken to the video room. You can read more about the video room here.

🔌 Extensions and additional configurations

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