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Scheduled meeting arrangements in private chat
Scheduled meeting arrangements in private chat
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ℹ️ Overview

Scheduled meetings, as the name implies, allows participants to agree on a specific time to "meet". When enabling scheduled meeting arrangements, participants must go through a meeting request process before they can chat/make video calls.

⚙️ How to allow scheduled meetings?

In order to enable scheduled meetings, the organizer must activate the feature.

To do this, go to the "CONTROLS" module > "Meeting Timeslot Configuration" in the admin view.

  • Disabled- feature is disabled.

  • Flexible- the participant can set the duration of the meeting with default time being 15 minutes.

  • Fixed- the meeting of the participant lasts for the time set by the organizer. This must be set under "Enforced meeting Duration".

👥 User guide for the participants

Clicking the "Send a message" button on the participant's profile will display the following view:

  1. Choose a date and time for the meeting to take place.

  2. Write a message.

  3. Send

As a next step a request to chat, is sent to the other participant. All participants to whom the invitation has been sent will appear in the "Conversations" area with the message "PENDING" ⬇️. When the request is accepted, the status changes to "APPROVED".

The scheduled meeting will also appear on the agenda of the participants. The agenda element shows the other user's profile picture, name and meeting time.

It is also possible to cancel a chat request that is already been sent. To do this, there is a "CANCEL" button in the participant's chat view. When canceling a request, you can leave a message with the reason for canceling, although it is not required.

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