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Additional options at expo booth
Additional options at expo booth
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  1. Delegating setup to an exhibitor: to save time and ensure flexibility, you can pass on the stand setup to a third party. To do this, after creating the stand, select the "SHARE" button in the upper right corner under "EDIT". Then, a link will be generated. Anyone who has access to this link can view and edit that specific expo stand.

  2. Logos in the footer: Worksup offers the possibility of adding a logo bar in the footer of the event. It allows to present various partners and sponsors in the agenda view of the platform. By clicking on the logo, the user is taken directly to the exhibitor. To turn this feature on:

    • Navigate to the "EXPO" module and press the "Settings" button. Then turn on the “Widget enabled” button and choose how often the logos will be changed (default time is 10 seconds). Click "Save".

  3. Take-Aways: partners in the exhibition area and their representatives can be added to the take-away basket. The content of the basket can be e-mailed for later analysis. You can read more about the feature here.

  4. Tasks: it is possible to add various tasks- polls, quizzes, etc. to the expo stand. You can find out more about the options here.

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