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ℹ️ Overview

Each partner's expo booth should have at least one contact person, so that the participants would have anyone to contact if they have any questions. The contact person should be available throughout the whole event.

👥 Adding contacts

When setting up the booth, go to “CONTACTS” and press “+ ADD CONTACT”. The following view appears:

Contact person (required): Enter the name of the contact you want to search. The profile of the contact person (organization, occupation, profile picture (if any)) will automatically appear in the expo area.

  • It is worth noting that the contact will appear in search only after he/she has created a networking profile and entered the event.

Description (up to 144 characters): Here you can add a short description about the contact, a greeting, etc. If desired, the contact person's e-mail address and telephone number can also be included in the description.

  • Next to the contact person, a “Ask for more” button will appear. This will be used to send the attendee to the contact person's networking profile, which will allow them to connect quickly, either with a private chat or a 1-1 video call.

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