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ℹ️ Overview

Onboarding feature allows the organizer to send email notifications to participants. This can be done before the event, for example as an automatic confirmation email after registration, as an info email, as a reminder or as a feedback email after the event etc. An onboarding email can be sent to all participants at once or only to selected participants.

⚙️ Setting up onboarding emails

1. Automatic confirmation email after registration

  1. In the admin view, move to "Onboarding" module and click the "Setup an e-mail template" button in the corner.

  2. Next, a view will open where you need to format your onboarding email.


  • {{name}}, {{eventName}}, {{eventTimeZone}}, {{eventLink}}, {{eventAccessLink}}, {{occupation}}, {{organization}}

Choose "HTML", where you get the "WYSIWYG" editor. Another option is to insert raw HTML code (this way you get to do the most personalization), by clicking on the "< >" source code button.

3. When the message is ready, be sure to click the "Create" button. An automatically entered e-mail template will now be sent to each registrant.

PS! When you click "Create" without changing the template, all the attendees will get the default template seen above, so be sure to check the content first.

2. Onboarding emails (info, notifications, reminders, etc.)

  1. In the email template view, copy the registration confirmation for later. Then, overwrite it with a new message. When the message is created (be sure to click “Update”!), click on the “Run onboarding” button above.

  2. This will give you the choice of which participants to send the onboarding email to- only those who have not yet received it (e.g. if someone registered before the onboarding was set up), to all participants (e.g. new onboarding), or to fixed participants only.

  3. Make your selection and press "Run". You will then be taken back to the onboarding list view. If the status is marked "Finished", go back to the message and paste back the previous registration confirmation (press "Update" again). This way, new registrants will still receive registration confirmations.

3. Post-event onboarding

The initial registration confirmation letter should be replaced by a post-event email (be sure to click "Update" again). This can include thanks for registration (for those who check-in after the event has already finished), the date the event took place, a feedback form, handouts, etc.

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